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As per the 2014 statistics, Brazil is the top-notch chicken producing country in the world. Brazil Chicken suppliers provides unrivaled quality Brazilian Islamic Halal Chicken for sale at an unimaginable price. Below is the entire list of Frozen Chicken for Sale at our online platform.

Origin: Brazil Freezing type : IWP, IQF Freezing condition : -18C and lower Shelf life : 12 months HALAL certified

Well raised healthy chickens are nutritionally preserved then packed as frozen chicken for sale. If you are looking for best chicken wholesale near me, LO Group Srl Poultry section must be your firsts stop. As the owners of highest-standard preservative plants, the Islamic Halal chicken for sale available at LO Group Srl promises you a nutritive portion of chicken. With the juiciness and tenderness intact, you can infer the quality we deliver.

Our processing plants take care of the nutrition, freshness and texture of the frozen chicken for sale. Using world class equipment at our processing plants we never take the quality for granted. Only after rigorous testing protocols is our Islamic Halal Chicken for sale moved out of our plants and supplied to retailers and wholesalers who promise to maintain the temperature and standards of preservation to ensure the quality we deliver to them is passed on to the customers

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